Counselor Corner- August 2018

Counselor Corner

August 2018

Welcome back, Blackmore families. It has been such an exciting few weeks preparing to welcome our students back to school. Our open house and building dedication was a phenomenal opportunity to meet new families, hug and welcome back our returning families and thank the wonderful patrons and residents of Eldorado who made this beautiful facility possible. As we begin a new school year, I wanted to remind you what a great opportunity we have at the beginning of the school year to set some lasting routines in place. The more predictable the before and after school routine is, the more peace and calm we will have. A few ideas to help you as you make this transition:

1. Bedtimes- Bedtimes make a huge difference for our students. Given the opportunity to get 8-10 hours a sleep each and every night sets our students up for success inside the classroom and at home. Kids that are well rested are able to focus better, complete activities that are difficult and handle adversity when it comes their way.

2. Morning routines- Children who have the same routine every morning tend to manage their time much more successfully. Having a consistent wake up time, a place to eat their breakfast, a packed backpack and clothes that are laid out the night before helps to remove some of the obstacles that kids face in the morning. Fewer obstacles make for happier children.

3. Free time activities- as we transition back to school, remember the value of playing outside, reading and family board games. These three activities engage students in meaningful activities outside of the world of technology. They also create opportunities to practice social and conflict resolution skills.

Again, we are so excited to welcome you to our new school year. Please let us know if we can support you in any way!

Christie Henderson

Blackmore Elementary

School Counselor