Classroom Procedures

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Classroom CHAMPS.docx
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Economy Classroom

Starting class

1. Students in seat, with materials out, working based on board directions.

2. Students are using designated Voice Level to complete work.

Ending class

1. All materials collected and returned to designated locations.

2. All trash removed and desks returned to designated locations

3. Students sitting in assigned seats.

4. Teacher dismisses class, not the bell.

Collecting papers

  1. Designated drawer on north wall by the printer.
  2. Large math and social studies books are to be stacked on the back table.

Restroom pass

  1. Only one student is allowed to visit the bathroom at a time.
  2. Once a bathroom pass is available students may set the pass on their desk, informing the teacher they are in the restroom.
  3. Bathroom breaks will be limited to 5 minutes or less.
  4. No student requested passes the first and last ten minutes of class.
  5. No student will be allowed during teacher instruction, but may as soon as instruction has ended and student practice begins.

Make-up Work

  1. It is the students’ responsibility to collect work and they must obtain the work on the first day they are back in school.
  2. For each day absent, the student will have 2 days to complete and turn in the make-up work. Example- student is gone for 1 day, they will receive 2 days to complete the work. Student is gone for 3 days, they will receive 6 days to complete the work.

Morning and Afternoon announcements

1. Students will immediately become silent when announcements begin.

2. Students will be attentive to the speaker.

3. Students may sharpen pencils until announcements begin.


0= Silence; no talking.

1 = Whisper

2= Normal conversational voice

3= Raised voice; teacher instructional voice

4= Shouting; outdoors only, or emergency