Abbi Markowitz

IWow 2018

In the 2018-2019 school year Skelly Elementary is looking at incorporating “Family” groups as part of our social and emotional curriculum. This is a work in progress more details will become available as it is all ironed out.

What we have done:

  • 8:15-9:00 on Mondays
  • K-5 at least one student from each grade in each group.
  • 45 Staff to 320 kids about 7 kids per family.
  • Monthly Theme
  • PD/Staff Meeting to training building staff on Families.
  • Idea of starting Families 2018-2019 in December.
  • Building Wide Assembly. Powerpoint presentation, sharing with the students what the program is and what it is going to look like. October 18th. Start the following week. The 2nd Nine weeks.
  • Paras that come in at 8:30 can join a group with Cindy’s paras
  • Pictures of families in each hallway.
  • Until the beginning of Families the blocked off time will be used as Social Skills time in the classroom. The specials teachers will be given a classroom that they are to be in during this time until the beginning of families.
  • At staff meetings include information about families
  • Play song “My School Family” by Jack Hartmann to transition to and from Families Time


“Niceness is Priceless”

Getting to Know Your Family.


(Create family handshake)



“ Gratitude is an Attitude”

What are we Thankful for?



“ December is the Gift of Giving”

Classified Staff appreciation activity

Giving Vs. Receiving

Christmas Activity


“New Year, New You.”

Goals and Resolutions Activity

Games- about never giving up


“I am Loved”

Growth Mindset/Fixed Mindset

Friendship and conflict

What are my priorities?


“I am lucky”

In what ways are we lucky?

How are ways we can make others feel lucky?


“Be a rainbow in someone’s cloud”

Random Acts of Kindness

Bucket Fillers

Service projects


“Don’t Count the Days, Make the Days Count.

Teacher Appreciation

What we need to do:

  • Create expectations
  • Ask Judy for list of social emotional books
  • Create name tags with some sort of identification such as color or symbol for each family
  • Create mentor/mentee for classified staff.

To be added in later years:

  • Thanksgiving/Christmas Feast

Family Meetings Format

Components of each meeting should include:

  • Skills Lesson (20 Minutes)
  • 1 Minute Share Time (10 minutes)
  • Family Greeting/Departing Ritual (5 minutes)
  • Gratitude Journal (10 Minutes)

Order of these components will change based on the needs and wants of each family group. Lesson will follow monthly theme from the chart above. Mentors will create lessons that can be used by the mentee. Mentees will be expected to be leading their own group by the first week of November.

Lesson plan for family group will be posted in the mentor teacher’s weekly lesson plans on

Grouping Students

  • Doing our best to not group students with homeroom teacher as their family leader. (At least for year 1)
  • Start with kids with specific needs first, build around them.
  • Group based on similar homelife situations.

Families 2018-2019 (student )