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From the Principals

The GSMS Student Handbook for 2018-19 is attached. Please take the time to review it in its entirety with the adults in your life...

PowerPoint Presentation from Back to School Night 2018

STUDENT WEEK @ A GLANCE - 04/22/2019

A Note from Administration:

Great job with the Reading PSSAs last week! I trust you were able to enjoy a little rest and relaxation over the Easter Holiday. It's a relatively quiet week before the Math (4/29 & 4/30) and Science (5/1 & 5/2) PSSAs.


A Personal Challenge: Do you have what it takes?

Do you have what it takes to do the right thing? I believe in you!


Hands & Feet: Just a reminder to all middle school students. Please keep your hands and feet to yourselves. Anyone observed striking another student will be issued a consequence. All of us have the right to walk through the halls and enjoy lunch without others hitting us.

"See Something, Say Something": If you see something on social media or at school that is threatening or unsafe or you are worried that someone might get hurt, tell an adult right away. Don't be afraid to tell Mr. Sanger, Mr. Cox, or Mr. Zamperini, or send an e-mail if you are concerned about your safety or the safety of others. This can be done after school hours as well. - Secondary Principal - Grades 7 & 8 House Principal - Secondary Dean of Students

E-mail: Make sure you are checking your email TWICE a day for important information

Cafeteria: You must remain seated at your lunch table for the entire period. The only reason to get up is to throw away trash, get more food, or ask a monitor to use the restroom.

Middle School Students: Are not permitted in the high school unless you have a designated class or prior authorization from an adult. If you are caught in the high school, there will be consequences.

Blankets: Are not permitted. If you are cold, wear a sweatshirt or sweater. No jackets, please...

Pajamas: Are not permitted.


GSMS Schedule
GSMS Schedule

School Announcements

Attention MS GSPA Cast & Crew

GSPA's annual awards banquet is coming up in May and reservation forms are available outside the box office. Reservation forms & money are due to Mrs. Ertzgard in room 1005 by Friday May 3rd. Late reservations cannot be accepted, so make sure you submit your paperwork on time.

Attendance Reminder! Have you been late or absent from school? Remember that you need to return a written note within (3) days of returning to school. Your note does NOT necessarily need to be on the district's yellow excuse card. Any written note that is signed by your parent or guardian will work! You will be called to the guidance office with an announcement if you owe a note that has not been turned in. Questions: See Mrs. Berry in the Guidance Office.

Thursday, May 23

at Garden Spot High School

Learn more about unique cultures through...

  • Speakers
  • International Food Tasting
  • Dancing
  • Games

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Please be sure to check the athletics page for any upcoming athletic early dismissals and other important athletic information.