GSMS Spartan Notes

From the Principals

The GSMS Student Handbook for 2018-19 is attached. Please take the time to review it in its entirety with the adults in your life...

PowerPoint Presentation from Back to School Night 2018


Mix it Up: in the cafeteria for both 7th and 8th Grade on Friday 11/16/18.

Due to the delayed start...No SALSA today.


Breakfast Line: In order to keep the breakfast line moving, please have your ID badges ready. The line goes much quicker when you swipe your ID badge.

Hallway Movement: A reminder, walk on the right, pass on the left.

Academic Detention: A reminder that if you are assigned an Academic Detention (held on Thursdays) you are expected to stay unless you complete the assignment(s) that are past due prior to the detention date.

Cell Phones: cell phones are to be powered off and stored in the zipper pocket of your laptop carrying case from 7:30 AM to 2:32 PM. The only reason that a phone should be out and on is if a teacher has given you specific permission to do so. If you need to use the phone for any reason, ask your teacher for a pass to use the office phone. If an adult sees you with a phone out, they have been instructed to confiscate it and turn it into the office. 1st cell phone violation: warning issued and returned at the end of the day. 2nd offense: parent has to pick up phone from office.

7:22 AM: is the earliest that any student should be in the hallways unsupervised. If you get dropped off by car out back at the HS you may not enter the middle school until 7:22 AM.

Earbuds: are not to be worn in the hallways or cafeteria.

8th Period: a reminder to go to your lockers and get all of your things (including backpacks and laptops) after Period 7. Be speedy about it, this is not a time to linger in the hallways.

Mix it Up Day: occurs on Fridays. You may sit where you choose on your grade-level side of the cafeteria. Please only 4 students to a bench.

SALSA: remember to make sure that your tables are clear of trash both on top and under the table before heading to SALSA. Please walk to the gym and be careful when crossing the outside parking lot when going to the fields.

Exterior Doors: do not ever open a locked exterior door during the school day for anyone, including students. This is a serious safety violation and will result in disciplinary action. The Main Entrance to the Middle School is where all should enter.

"See Something, Say Something" if you see something on social media or at school that is threatening or unsafe or you are worried that someone might get hurt, tell an adult right away. Don't be afraid to tell Mr. Starr or Mr. Good or send an e-mail if you are concerned about your safety or the safety of others. This can be done after school hours as well.

E-mail: make sure you are checking your email TWICE a day for important information

Cafeteria: You must remain seated at your lunch table for the entire period. The only reason to get up is to throw away trash, get more food, or ask a monitor to use the restroom.

Middle School Students: are not permitted in the high school unless you have a designated class or prior authorization from an adult. If you are caught in the high school, there will be consequences.

Blankets: are not permitted. If you are cold, wear a sweatshirt or sweater. No jackets, please...

Pajamas: are not permitted.


GSMS Schedule
GSMS Schedule

School Announcements

In preparation for the Middle School Concert on Monday, December 10th, no passes will be accepted from students in the music performing groups beginning on November 27th.

In addition, beginning Tuesday, November 27th, all members of these ensembles must attend every rehearsal of their musical group – even if they are scheduled for another club on one of the rehearsal days. These rehearsals will be our only opportunity to rehearse in the auditorium with a full group – all members present.

Rehearsal schedule:

Tuesday – Band and Orchestra

Wednesday – Chorus and World Beat

Thursday – Chorus and World Beat

Friday – Band and Orchestra

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Anyone interested in joining the Ski/Snowboard Club? If so – see Mrs Bielawski in the Guidance Office or email her at We leave after school on Fridays through the winter and head to Bear Creek Mountain. You will need to purchase a 6 session pass through their website. Mrs B has that information for you. Think snow!

Attendance Reminder! Have you been late or absent from school? Remember that you need to return a written note within (3) days of returning to school. Your note does NOT necessarily need to be on the district's yellow excuse card. Any written note that is signed by your parent or guardian will work! You will be called to the guidance office with an announcement if you owe a note that has not been turned in. Questions: See Mrs. Berry in the Guidance Office.

SAP Information


Please be sure to check the athletics page for any upcoming athletic early dismissals and other important athletic information.