GSMS Spartan Notes

From the Principals


Cafeteria: a reminder that no food or drink (other than water) should leave the cafeteria. To help assist with this, the snack line will be closing 5 minutes earlier...

Exterior Doors: do not ever open a locked exterior door during the school day for anyone, including students. This is a serious safety violation and will result in disciplinary action. The Main Entrance to the Middle School is where all should enter.

Agenda Books: It is not acceptable to use a page torn out of an Agenda Book for a hall pass. Likewise, it is not acceptable to use someone else's Agenda Book. If you have lost your Agenda Book or it is beyond repair, come to the Main Office.

"See Something, Say Something" if you see something on social media or at school that is threatening or unsafe or you are worried that someone might get hurt, tell an adult right away. Don't be afraid to tell Mr. Starr or Mr. Good or send an e-mail if you are concerned about your safety or the safety of others. This can be done after school hours as well.

Dress Code: With Spring approaching ...please be mindful of the GSMS Dress Code. Check the mirror in the morning. If you are not sure whether what you have on is appropriate, err on the side of caution and wear something else...

Cell Phones: Cell phones are to be powered off and stored in the zipper pocket of your laptop carrying case from 7:30 AM to 2:32 PM. No exceptions! We are still seeing too many phones in back pockets and out in the open. If you need to use the phone for any reason, ask your teacher for a pass to use the office phone. If an adult sees you with a phone out, they have been instructed to confiscate it and turn it into the office. 1st cell phone violation: warning issued and returned at the end of the day. 2nd offense: parent has to pick up phone from office.

Check your email: Make sure you are checking your email TWICE a day for important information

Cafeteria: in case we haven't made this 100% must remain seated at your lunch table for the entire period. The only reason to get up is to throw away trash, get more food, or ask a monitor to use the restroom.

Middle School Students: are not permitted in the high school unless you have a designated class or prior authorization from an adult. If you are caught in the high school, there will be consequences.

After School Academic Inspiration will be held on Tuesdays and Thursdays. This is a time to work after school in a quiet environment and also receive help if you need it. See your School Counselor if you are interested in attending.

Blankets: are not permitted. If you are cold, wear a sweatshirt or sweater. No jackets, please...

Pajamas: are not permitted.

Earbuds: are not to be worn in the hallways or cafeteria.

A reminder to treat all of our substitute teachers with dignity and respect. If you get red passed from a substitute teacher...buckle up for safety!


GSMS Schedule

School Announcements


Hawaiian / Beach Theme Dance

The Spring Dance on May 11th is going to be the sunniest, “FUNNEST “dance yet! It’s from 7-9 PM, and it only costs $2 to get in on the action. We have a selection of tropical foods, so don’t miss out! It’s a time to have fun and hang out with your friends. Mr. Herr is the star DJ of the night, and he has his summer playlist ready to go. This dance is something you don’t want to miss out on. Join the fun on the best Friday night of your school year!

ELANCO Mini Relay

For the Mini Relay on Monday, May 21, we will be raising money in each homeroom class. Each middle school and high school student are being asked to donate at least one dollar for the Mini Relay. If students are not able to financially donate $1, we ask the homeroom teacher to donate on their behalf, in order for the whole student population to be included in donating.

Each homeroom will receive their purple feet with instructions on May 1st. Please post these purple feet outside your homeroom door as a decoration to show spirit for the Mini Relay.

Thank you for your support in the ELANCO Mini Relay! Get ready for the Relay on Monday, May 21st! We hope that you are excited and as passionate about the cause. If you have any questions or concerns, email

The 3rd annual KIVA PIE IN THE FACE CONTEST to help people gain access to clean drinking water is now underway!

How it works:

  1. In Mr. Smith’s room 107 he has envelopes with teacher names on them. Students, Teachers & Staff can contribute as much money as they would like to whichever teacher/staff member they would like to see get a pie in their face.
  2. The top 5 teachers/staff with money in their envelopes will get a pie in the face on Spirit Day 2018!
  3. Students can also separately purchase chances to be chosen that day to put the pies in the teachers faces:

1 chance for $1, 6 chances for $5, 12 chances for $10, 25 chances for $20, 30 chances for $25, 60 chances for $50, 125 chances for $100!

  1. There will be 5 students selected that day from those that bought chances to place a pie in a teacher’s face.
  2. You will eventually be able to check the hallway wall outside room 107 to see which teacher/staff members are at risk of getting a pie in the face.
  3. So please consider having fun while saving the lives of those in need by giving them access to clean water.

Below are the awesome teachers/staff who are up for the contest. May the odds ever be in their favor.

Mr. Arrick

Mr. Blackwell

Mr. Borremans

Mrs. Burke

Mrs. Chelius

Mrs. Cooley

Mr. Fennimore

Mr. Ferron

Ms. Hecker

Ms. Kessler

Mrs. Love

Mr. C. Martin – P.E.

Mr. D. Martin – S.S.

Mrs. Phongxaysanith

Ms. Promutico

Mrs. Schwarz

Mr. Smith

Mr. Starry

Mr. Stover

Mrs. Trovinger

Mr. Starr


or See Mrs. Promutico in Room 102

School Counselor Corner

The Quarter 3 Honor Rolls and Perfect Attendance report is on the bulletin board outside the Guidance Office. Stop by and take a look! :)

Counselor Cafe Question for Thursday, April 19th: What is the name of your electronic career portfolio?

SAP Information


Please be sure to check the athletics page for any upcoming athletic early dismissals and other important athletic information.