Terms and Conditions

"At El-Seif Group, we recognize the important role our vendors play in achieving our goal of being a preferred contractor. Maintaining strong partnerships with vendors helps us make sure that our clients are content and expectations are met – for the success of our vendors as well as El-Seif Group”

By logging into El-Seif Supplier Portal you have consented to the following;

  • Your company, its individuals and representatives will abide by the Supplier Code of Conduct and comply with; policies, applicable laws & regulations and act ethically in every aspect of the business
  • Your company, its individuals and representatives will avoid any interaction with El-Seif’s employee(s) that may conflict or appear to be a conflict of interests
  • Your company, its individuals and representatives will not engage in any unfair business (e.g. bribes, kickbacks etc.)
  • Your company agrees that the data available on the portal i.e. statement of account, invoices and payments are subject to review, and validation, and therefore do not constitute any legal evidence of account confirmation, and it cannot be used for as proof of claim or legal action against El-Seif Group and its related entities.
  • Your company, its individuals and representatives shall act in a way to protect information available on the supplier portal and act to prevent misuse, theft, fraud, or improper disclosure

Documentation check list for supplier registration:

Prospective Supplier Registration : Mandatory:

      1. Commercial Registration Certificate 1. Bank Info / Details need to be entered
      2. Chamber Of Commerce 2. Business classification need to be entered
      3. Group Insurance Certificate 3. Enter DUNS number as CR number with prefix
      4. Zakat Certificate starting with 000
      5. Saudization Certificate 4. Enter Tax Registration Number

Spend Authorized : 5. All supplier/ subcontractor details need to be capital letters

      1. Bank certificate 6. All supplier / subcontractor details need to be English only
      2. Financial statement