MYP Personal Project

What is the Personal Project?

"The MYP personal project helps students develop confidence as principled, lifelong learners. Students in the final year of the programme explore an area of personal interest over an extended period. Through this independent inquiry, students consolidate their learning and develop important skills-for further education and life beyond the classroom.

MYP personal project reports are externally moderated by the IB to ensure a globally-consistent standard of excellence." (IBO, 2015)

See some examples on EISHCMC Facebook Page and on this website and read these pages from the MYP Personal Project guide to help you clarify what you should aim for.

Making people aware of language barriers with a painting (Ju Hye MOON, 2016)

Ask yourself these questions before deciding on a goal to make a proposal:

What do I want to achieve through my personal project?

  • What are your interests and passions?
  • Pick an idea you are truly interested in to help you stay focused throughout the process.

What do I want others to understand though my work? / What impact do Iwant my project to have?

  • Figure out how you could support others with your skills.

How can a specific context enrich my project?

You will have four phases to complete throughout your project:

INVESTIGATING: Research and increase your knowledge (A).

PLANNING how you will achieve your goal (B).

TAKING ACTION: Creating and completing your product (C).

REFLECTING on your work from different angles (D).

You will need to follow a timeline

2019-2020 Personal Project Timeline

You will need to complete and submit all 3 components on time (Managebac deadlines):

  1. Product/Outcome - your goal (evidence to be provided on Managebac)
  2. Process Journal - a record of your process and progress right from the start
  3. Report - the assessed part reporting on the whole process and product

You will need to show evidence of academic honesty:

Academic honesty is a must, at all times.

Communicate with your supervisor on Managebac - an academic honesty form will be generated from your meeting notes.

But most of all, you will grow as a learner through working on a topic you are passionate about!

How well do you know the Personal Project?

Read through this website and try the Kahoot!