EIS Information Literacy

Becoming a Better Researcher:

This website contains tools and guides o help you develop your research skills through the MYP and DP years of study. Remember that research is a process with clear steps to be taken. You will not develop the skills you need to become a good researcher overnight; accurate citation of sources takes practice, the selection of appropriate material (discernment) requires experience and wisdom that often only comes through trial and error, the critical evaluation of evidence is a challenging skill that will be built up over time and sometimes varies subject by subject. So do your best, use the support material provided, but don't expect to be perfect - until you write your 4,000 word Extended Essay in Grade 12 that is!

Aim HighWith Your Research:

What are we aiming for when completing research projects?

There are four main elements of good research that the assessment criteria in any MYP subject will address.

1. Formulate a clear and focused research question, and justify its relevance

2. Formulate and follow an action plan to investigate a research question

3. Use methods to collect and record appropriate, varied and relevant information

4. Evaluate the process and results of the investigation.

Research is a process:

Research Skills for MYP Students:

By the final year of the MYP we hope you will be able show you can:

  • Collect and analyse data to identify solutions and make informed decisions to further the project.
  • Create references and citations, use footnotes/ endnotes and construct a bibliography according to recognized conventions.
  • Locate, organize, analyse, evaluate, synthesize and ethically use information from a variety of sources and media (including digital social media and online networks).
  • Use critical-literacy skills to analyse and interpret information.
  • Understand the impact of media representations and modes of presentation when analysing information.
  • Demonstrate awareness of media interpretations of events and ideas (including digital social media).
  • Understand and implement intellectual property rights.

Taken from

IB MYP Further guidance for Projects. For use from May 2016

IB Diploma:

Good research in the Extended Essay is described as:

  • The research question is clearly stated and focused.
  • The research question is clear and addresses an issue of research that is appropriately connected to the discussion in the essay. Methodology of the research is complete.
  • An appropriate range of relevant source(s) and/or method(s) have been applied in relation to the topic and research question.
  • There is evidence of effective and informed selection of sources and/or methods
  • The essay must provide the reader with the precise sources of quotations, ideas and points of view through accurate citations, which may be in-text or footnotes, and full references listed in the bibliography, which, regardless of the system used, must ensure the minimum requirements.