Our aim to provide friendly surroundings and faces, enabling the process of study to continue without interruption or anxiety with established, consistent routines.

By providing small study and teaching groups, emphasis can be placed on awareness of students’ needs and giving supportive and constructive guidance.

The approach encourages social awareness and the development of a mature and responsible attitude towards school and studying.


Choosing a handful of subjects to take at IA-level isn't a decision you should take lightly. The A-levels you pick now can influence what you do later, namely the courses you can apply for at university (and which universities will consider you).

That said, if you don't know what you want to do in the future, you can still make smart choices now that will leave you in the best position in two years' time.


These qualifications are the gateway to the best British universities for those students interested in furthering their studies in the UK. Not only are IA-Levels the preferred qualification to enter universities such as Oxford or Cambridge, but they are also widely recognised by universities around the world. Some of the best international universities value the qualification and they carry great weight in the admission process.

Link to a list of universities that accept the IA Levels

Specialised training is guaranteed by focusing on fewer subjects. This specialisation can be very beneficial when applying for certain university programmes as the knowledge provided by the IA-Levels may be more highly regarded than a more generic baccalaureate programme.