EIPS Alternative Learning for Families

What is Alternative Learning?

When there are interruptions in classroom-based learning, alternative learning can help to reduce these interruptions and provide support so that learning may continue. While the structures may shift, you can still expect your student to have assignments, videos and assessments posted for them to engage with.

The primary structure for communicating timelines and expectations will be through a platform called Google Classroom; your student may be sharing their learning though completing written assignments, uploading pictures or videos, or participating in live (or recorded) chats.

How can I communicate with the teacher?


    • You will be able to send comments to your teacher directly through the Google Classroom. When you post a comment, your teacher will receive an automatic notification.

    • You may also reach your teacher through email: firstname.lastname@eips.ca


    • Parents or Guardians are asked to add their email to student accounts in the Google Classroom; they will be notified of new tasks, and completed assignments will be returned, through the email address provided. Ask your student to “Invite Guardians” when they are logged in to their Google Classroom to input your email address.

    • Teachers will be posting marks on PowerSchool for students and their Parents or Guardians to access.

    • Parents or Guardians will be able to contact teachers by email: firstname.lastname@eips.ca

What if I don't have an electronic device to help me with my learning?

  • If you are in need of a device for use at home, please contact your school's office for information.

How do I get onto Google Classroom?

Your teacher may have already established a Google Classroom, in which case your teacher has sent an email invitation to you to join their specific class. Check your “@g.eips.ca” email account for an invite from your teacher and follow the link.

If you do not have an email from your teacher, you may join their Google Classroom using a Class Code they provide following the steps below:

      • Step 1: Go to classroom.google.com. Select “Go to Classroom."

      • Step 2: Use your “@g.eips” email address and password. This is the same email address and password students use to access school devices such as Chromebooks. If you have forgotten your password, please email your teacher to have the password reset.

      • Step 3: Once logged in, click the "+" button and select “Join Class." Enter [Classroom Code] and click "Join." The classroom code is unique to each class and will be provided by your teacher.

      • Step 4: Check the "Stream” and “Classwork" tabs. This is where teachers will post messages and additional instructions.

How do I submit an assignment on Google Classroom?

Assignments may be submitted on Google Classroom in many formats including documents, pictures and video files.

  1. Click the teacher's class > click Classwork > click on the assignment.

  2. To attach an item:

    • Look under Your work > click Add or create > select the Google Doc, Slide, Sheet or Drawing you wish to upload.

    • Click Turn In.

    • Confirm the status of the assignment changes to Turned In.

If your teacher attached a document with your name in the title, it’s your personal copy to review and edit. As you work, your teacher can review your progress before you click Turn in.

  1. Click the teacher's class > click Classwork > click on the assignment.

  2. To open the assigned file, click the image/thumbnail with your name on it.

  3. Enter your work.

  4. Choose one of two ways to submit the assignment:

    • In the document, click Turn In and confirm.

    • In Classroom, in the assignment, click Turn In and confirm.

Please see the following link for further instructions and a step-by-step guide on how to submit an assignment.

How do I join a live online chat with my teacher?

The teacher can choose to communicate with students through a live stream conversation with Google Meet. This can be done through video or audio chat, either on a computer or a phone.

  1. The teacher will schedule a day and time for the student to join Google Meet.

  2. The invitation can be sent as a calendar invite, an assignment in the Google Classroom, or email link. Teachers are asked to record any Google Meet lessons to post for those students that are unable to attend the "live" session.

  3. Accommodations will be made for students unable to access a Google Meet.