Math 30-1

Course Description:

Mathematics 30-1 is designed for students planning to enter post-secondary and study courses like engineering, mathematics, sciences, and/or other programs that require advanced math skills. This course will provide students with both mathematical reasoning and critical-thinking skills.

Recommended Calculator:

The TI-84 Series is best due to its extra features in the latest OS, but a TI-83 Series will be sufficient.

Units of Study


Unit A: Transformations (15%)

Chapter 1 – Function Transformations

Unit B: Radical and Polynomial Functions (15%)

Chapter 2 – Radical Functions

Chapter 3 – Polynomial Functions

Unit C: Trigonometry (29%)

Chapter 4 – Trigonometry and the Unit Circle

Chapter 5 – Trigonometric Functions and Graphs

Chapter 6 – Trigonometric Identities

Unit D: Exponents and Logarithms (15%)

Chapter 7 – Exponential Functions

Chapter 8 – Logarithmic Functions

Unit E: Equations and Functions (10%)

Chapter 9 – Rational Functions

Chapter 10 – Function Operations

Unit F: Permutations, Combinations, and the Binomial Theorem (16%)

Chapter 11 – Permutations and Combinations