Math 10C

Course Description

Math 10C (Combined) is designed for students who are interested in careers that require a university or college program. This course will provide students with both mathematical reasoning and critical-thinking skills.

Students who pass Math 10C have the option to take the 20-1, 20-2, or 20-3 sequence depending on their success in the units of study. To be recommended for 20-1, a student must demonstrate proficiency in all units with emphasis on Factors and Products, Roots and Powers, Linear Functions, and Systems of Equations.

Recommended Calculator

The TI-84 Series is best due to its extra features in the latest OS, but a TI-83 Series will be sufficient.

Units of Study

1 - Measurement

2 - Trigonometry

3 - Factors and Products

4 - Roots and Powers

5 - Relations and Functions

6 - Linear Functions

7 - Linear Systems