Social Studies 9

Social Studies is a humanities based course that focusses on history, civics, political science, sociology and contemporary issues. Through Social Studies we will examine multiple perspectives to a variety of social issues. My classroom is designed through a critical social justice lens which means that my teaching is research-based and informed by anti-oppressive education practices.

Governance & Rights

Students will demonstrate an understanding and appreciation of how Canada's political processes impact citizenship and identity in an attempt to meet the needs of all Canadians.


  • Federal Government Structure
  • Justice System
  • Collective Rights
  • Immigration
  • Charter of Rights and Freedoms

Economic Systems

Students will demonstrate an understanding and appreciation of how economic decision making in Canada and the United States impacts quality of life, citizenship and identity.


  • Market vs. Mixed Economies
  • Consumerism
  • Taxation
  • Social Programs
  • Economic Issues

Critical Thinking

Students will learn to become critical thinkers who analyze injustice within society. Students will come to understand how their own biases and identities affect how they view the world.


  • Anti-oppression Education
  • Privilege
  • Detecting bias
  • Differing perspectives
  • Social Justice
Social Studies 9 Course Outline 2019/2020