Fitness & Games 7

Course Outline

Course Description: Students will develop and enhance personal fitness and wellness goals. Students will learn different strategies and use of equipment such as calisthenics, resistance training, crossfit, spinning, and interval training. We will also analyze fitness trends and fad diets, all while promoting wellness and confidence. This course is designed to interest students in fields of work related to personal fitness and wellness. Students will be able to explore activities and develop knowledge of content outside the areas learned in regular physical education class. The in-class portion of this class will allow students to work on projects around fitness programming, diet, and other factors that go into overall health and wellness.

Course Activities: At school fitness instruction and activities are paired with field trips to introduce students to community based activities and programs to promote living a healthy and active lifestyle. Activities include: hiking, swimming, squash, racquetball, cycling, running, snowshoeing, cross country skiing, skating, bowling, tennis, and various group fitness classes.


Fitness and Games is a CTF option, and is therefore assessed based on the CTF curriculum. Grading occurs in 3 major areas:

  • Planning
  • Creating
  • Reflecting