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Autism In-service

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Please join us at Eastern Illinois Area of Special Education for a Guest Speaker (Dr. Gail Richard from EIU) and a panel of parents of individuals with Autism.

Teachers please register at cedarwood.eiase.com

Parents please register at afox@eiase.com

Braille Challenge 2017

Braille Challenge is an academic competition unlike any other. It is a two-stage contest designed to motivate blind students to concentrate on the study of braille, is a fun-filled, challenging event. Any visually impaired student who reads braille is eligible to participate and events are held from Jan to March throughout the US and Canada.

This year the Braille Challenge will be held at 46 different sites and the top scoring 50 contestants nationally are invited to Los Angeles in June for a final round. The categories of contest include reading comprehension, braille speed and accuracy, proofreading, spelling and reading tactile charts and graphs.

Three EIASE students attended the Braille Challenge at the Illinois School for the visually Impaired in Jacksonville, IL. Sydney Horn from Effingham, LT Spears from Mattoon and Olivia Rios from Charleston.

Olivia reads print and braille. She started learning pre-braille skills in pre-school and started braille in kindergarten. Olivia is currently a second grader at Carl Sandburg School. She placed first in her category at the challenge!

Here is what Olivia had to say about the event:

My name is Olivia and I liked going to Braille Challenge. I didn't like writing a lot but I will try again next year. I had to write two pages in braille this year. Maybe I will have to write one next year.

Lunch was really good and I ate a lot of cookies. I got to go on the swings, go up and down stairs with my friend LT, and try an elevator. I made a new friend named Sarah and I want to see her again next year at Braille Challenge. We had a dance party at the end.

I had to do spelling and my mom said to try my best. I did 27 words and the list had 40 on it. I want to do a lot of words next year. Thank you for letting me go to Braille Challenge.

Sidney Horn is a 6th grader at Effingham Junior High School. She placed third in her age category. Congrats to Sydney!

Here is what Sydney had to say about the event:

Braille challenge is very fun! You do all sorts of activities, some fun some boring. The fun ones include, dancing and singing songs! The best part about the braille challenge is when you figure out who won! The braille challenge requires students with visually impairments to practice their braille skills. The boring activities include, charts and graphs, reading comprehension, and speed and accuracy. Braille challenge is very fun and I definitely will be there next year!

Sidney Horn

Pre-Vocational Services

EIASE partners with the Illinois Department of Human Services (Division of Rehabilitation Services) to provide STEP (Secondary Transitional Experiences Program) that is offered through our Pre-Vocational Department. We currently have four Pre-Vocational Coordinators and two Job Coaches that are currently serving 173 students in the following districts: Arcola, Charleston, Effingham, Paris, Fresh Start TLC, Humboldt TLC, and Kansas TLC.

The Pre-Vocational Department’s goal is to help turn strengths into accomplishments through vocational education, community partnership, and job training opportunities to transition young adults into the competitive world of work. The STEP program is linked to the outcomes received from students working out in the community. This year our projected number of outcomes was set at 27 (1 outcome = 240 hours and 60 days of work experience). The department and students have worked diligently at meeting and exceeding that amount by an extra 10 outcomes this school year. Not only have the students and coordinators met and exceeded outcomes this year, they have had this trend over the past thirteen years. The Pre-Vocational Department is doing some great things in preparing our young adults with competitive job skills and placements to be productive citizens in our surrounding communities.

For more information on Pre-Vocational Services, please contact Lisa Bloemer, Pre-Vocational Supervisor. # 217.348.7700 or lbloemer@eiase.com.

EIASE Needs assessment survey 2017

As part of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA), each school district or special education joint agreement is required to conduct an annual survey to prioritize the needs of students with disabilities.

Our objectives in this survey are to determine both the service needs of the children with disabilities in the districts and the professional development needs of educators who work with these children.

IDEA provides that needs may be assessed by sampling the views of parents, teachers, support staff, administrators, and board members. We earnestly request that you give us your counsel regarding the educational needs of our children with disabilities so that the best possible services can be provided.

Every response is vital. Thank you for your assistance.

All completed surveys should be submitted no later than Friday, March 10, 2017.

Please click here to fill out the 2017 Needs Assessment Survey

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