The Great Depression is what people are starting to call it. Millions of people are out of work and you are one of them. It is late 1931, the Stock Market has crashed, recovered, and dropped again. The economy is continuing to dissolve, and you have a family to support. You will need to make important choices based on the information you read, view, and hear in order to survive the next few years and save your family.

As a veteran and someone who has worked hard all your life, you have a few options.

1.You can try to fight your way through the lines at your local bank to try and collect your savings from the bank. Find out more about that choice here.

2. You can join the Bonus Army March on Washington to try and collect your Bonus for being a WWI Veteran. Find out more about that choice here. If you go to Washington in search of your $1000, you must leave your family behind.