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This is just one of the great how-to videos available to assist you in using Schoology. For more visit Schoology's YouTube Channel.

You can also find a great student guide here.

Free Spectrum WiFi Hotspots

Spectrum has made all of its Public WiFi connections across the nation free until May 15. The list below includes locations in our community that have a free Spectrum Connection. You should be able to connect to all of these locations from the parking lot near the business. This way you can remain in your vehicle without going inside for social distancing. You can access a map of all of the Spectrum WiFi hotspots at

Make sure you connect your device to the network named Spectrum WiFi.

Please be respectful of each business by NOT connecting to their Guest WiFi networks.

Here is a spreadsheet of hotspots that should be in our district. There may be more/less depending on range and service level.

Please contact Spectrum directly if you have questions about gaining access to their connection at these sites.

Kami PDF Editor

Free trial during this time! - CLICK HERE TO INSTALL

With the fully licensed Kami application, you will be able to take advantage of:

  • The Google Classroom integration to seamlessly assign any document type to be worked on in Kami online and students are able to turn in their completed schoolwork out of Kami right back into Google classroom.

  • Kami enables teamwork and caching through collaborative annotation and discussion. You can retain the classroom learning environment online.

  • The embedded audio and video comment tools, so teachers and students can discuss problems or deliver instructions or feedback.

  • The signature tool, so documents can be signed and returned if you don’t have a printer at home.

Discounted Antivirus Software for Home Use - Thirtyseven4

Our antivirus provider sent us this information. Please take advantage of this offer during this time if you so choose. (Note: We as EHOVE tech staff cannot directly support your home personal devices so if you have questions, please contact the company directly.)


With staff and students moving to their home computers/devices…please remember that Thirtyseven4 provides robust home-use Mac and Windows Protection.

In an effort to show gratitude to educational Staff and Faculty, our Thirtyseven4 Appreciation Program allows educational teachers and staff (and due the Corona situation, we are extending it to families) the opportunity to purchase a 1 year subscription of Thirtyseven4’s flagship product, Thirtyseven4 Antivirus for only $19.50 (over 50% Off Discount). The program was created as a “Thank You” for your investment in shaping our children for the future. Multi-year subscriptions are also available.

Those interested can use the coupon code HOMEUSE at the checkout to apply our Faculty/Staff(and family) discount.

For more Thirtyseven4 information, please see

Need Help?

Technology question or Chromebook problem? Enter a ticket here:

If you cannot access the ticketing system, please call or text: 567-401-0011