Co-creating and revamping hospitality training centers across the globe


About Us

EHLsmile is a non-profit organization founded in 1996 by a group of EHL students. We co-create and revamp hospitality vocational training centers to fight against poverty and encourage sustainable tourism development together with other NGOs. 

At EHLsmile, we believe in the power of collaboration and diverse perspectives to drive positive change. Our organization is led by a dynamic and dedicated team comprising a board and a student committee. This unique governance structure allows us to harness the wisdom of experienced leaders and the fresh insights of passionate young minds. 

Mission and Vision

EHLsmile's objectives are primarily centered around:

Our Impact In The World

Since its creation, EHLsmile has been involved in eleven projects in Asia and Africa, including countries such as Ethiopia, Madagascar, Bhutan, Cambodia, India, Myanmar, Thailand, Tanzania, Togo, and Nepal, where we are continuously starting new projects and have volunteers on-site every year.

People Along The Way

EHLsmile is made up of a board of members who take care of all the projects and a student committee that is in charge of raising funds. We also work closely with other NGOs for our projects, and some alumni from EHL Hospitality Business School volunteer at the projects.