New Applicants

Biomedical Academy Next Steps

The list of accepted and waitlisted applicants will be publicized here by Monday, 3/11. In order to view the assessment schedule, you must be logged into your EGUSD account.. Expect a confirmation email from what was listed on the application.

If accepted into the Biomedical Academy, congratulations. Below are next steps:

1. Familiarize yourself with Biomedical Academy expectations as written in the handbook, .

2. Register for summer school Biology, Enrollment is imited to first 30 sign ups.

3. 8th grade Registration for classes for the 2019-2020 school year at KAMS is from March 22-April 1. For more information, see the following link,

4. End of the year banquet on Friday, May 3. We celebrate the outgoing seniors, accomplishments and new students. Main course dinner is to be determined, but salad, fruit, and dessert will be served.

5. Biomedical Academy Open House, date to be determined. Come see the 2 new classrooms designed specifically for the Biomedical Academy.

6. Ice Cream Social after Link Crew, date to be determined.

If waitlisted into the Biomedical Academy, please be present for the alternate Group Assessment date on Tuesday, March 26 from 3:15-4:30pm in Portable 6. If after that date, you are still waitlisted, you will be contacted between summer through August if an opening occurs.

BA acceptances and waitlist 19-20

Applying into the Biomedical Academy for the 2019-2020 school year has ended and is not accepting new students. In order to apply for the 2020-2021 school year, please complete the online application that will be available in late January 2020.

Academy Application Process

The Biomedical Academy is limited to two sections of students per academic year and cannot accept all applicants.

1) Application: Apply for the Biomedical Academy from January 25-March 1 at

2) Complete 3 References by having an adult complete the google form at the following link:

3) Sign up for one Performance Assessment date on the application: Show up from 3:25-4:30pm at the room you choose (Portable 6 or HP10). Be prepared to work in a group and utilize laptops/chromebooks to execute a group task.

4) Results will be posted on this website by March 11, 2019.

Link for 3 References

If the reference cannot be completed electronically, you (the student) 1) click on the link, 2) print the reference pages, 3) hand the document to the adult, 4) provide the following address to send the completed reference to "PGHS, c/o P. Cochon, 9531 Bond Road, Elk Grove, CA 95624".

Tips for requesting a reference:

1) KINDLY ask the adult face to face. You are asking for a personal favor that the person does not have to accept.

2) Ask sooner, not later, to provide the adult with as much time possible to complete prior to the due date.

3) KINDLY follow up with the teacher prior to the due date.

4) Write a thank you letter that shows you appreciate him/her taking the time to complete the reference.

Performance Assessment Schedule: In order to view the assessment schedule, you must be logged into your EGUSD account.

PGHS Portable 6 or HP10 (note locatation when you sign up) from 3:25-4:30pm; Be prepared to collaborate and research a topic, utilize Google Slides, and give an oral presentation. See google sheet below for each day's roster. Maximum of 18 students/classroom. Location and rosters subject to change based upon availability and capacity.

In order to view the assessment schedule, you must be logged into your EGUSD account.

Monday, March 4 HP10

Monday, March 4 Portable 6

Tuesday, March 5 HP10

Tuesday, March 5 Portable 6

Wednesday, March 6 HP10

Wednesday, March 6 Portable 6

In order to view the assessment schedule, you must be logged into your EGUSD account.

BA Performance Assessment Schedule 3-4-19