Computer Technology


I'm Mark Lushenko, a Microsoft Certified Professional and a public school teacher since 1991. Before that I was in the U.S. Navy aboard a submarine and worked as a nuclear reactor operator.

My mission: Inspire students to improve their lives.



October 17, 2018 (Wednesday)

Created a desktop shortcut to the teacher website:

Took a short password quiz and went over the answers

Reviewed how to see grades, assignments, comments, and the Class Website in Synergy

Learned a bit about types of computers (slideshow here)

Created a folder in Google Drive and shared it out

Created an original picture with Microsoft Paint, saved it, uploaded it to their Google Drive shared folder and sent in the link for a grade.

October 16, 2018 (Tuesday)

Completed "Find Someone Who..." (click here).

Gave a free notebook to students that did not have one.

Computer security and passwords (slideshow here).

How to login on a PC and a Chromebook at school.

Personalize the desktop, add a shortcut, change shortcut icon: video here.

October 15, 2018 (Monday)

First day of Term 2--the course syllabus is here.

Students filled out a "Student Information" sheet (click here).

Students introduced themselves.

Introduced the course (click here)

Reviewed a few class rules (click here)