Information for French & Physical Education

Contact Information: Phone: 970-887-2104 (ext 258)

Bienvenue / Welcome

First Day of School: Monday, August 27

Welcome to my web-site!!!

General Information can be found here and class specific information can be found on the pages

linked to the left.

Welcome to the 2018-2019 school year!!!

Physical Education Supply List:

Positive Attitude & Adventurous Spirit

Tennis Shoes




Sweats - (for when it is cold out)

Proper Foundations

French Classes - Supply List:

Positive Attitude

Willingness to Try

Notebook with dividers

Notebook paper

Pen/Pencil for regular work

Red pen/pencil for corrections

Dry erase pen

This website will serve as the hub of all activity - both online and offline - for Ms. Dubois' classes at Middle Park High School. Information regarding the class will be regularly posted and updated so check back often!

Assignment lists, resources, policies and curriculum - can be found on the left of the page of each class

Specific assignments and links can be found on the google classroom page for each class.