The 100 yard rifle range rock slide was cleared but we had to demolish half of the pavilion to get equipment downrange. On July 4th, the 8x8 posts were stood up and the LVL beams were hoisted and set expertly. I am proud to have played a small part in the execution of this phase of construction, but the credit for orchestrating the work goes to Gene VanFleet, Bob Balcerski and Tim Kay for leading the volunteer members that answered the call and sweated through accomplishing this impressive task. I'll update this with the complete list of dedicated members who put their back into it. My personal thanks goes to John Hulsizer for his virtuosity in controlling the backhoe bucket while I was standing in it to stabilize the posts.

I have said it before and will say it again. The Easton Fish & Game Association is where my boots continue to hit the ground, defending the constitution and fighting back against the constant narrative that American gun owners are "deplorables". I hope all of you find the time to do something over this holiday weekend, no matter how small, to carry that message to your fellow citizens. It is most important to reach those who have been led to believe that firearms are not for everyone. That is precisely why the founders of this great nation crafted the second amendment. - Chris Miller | President