College Visits

Students may find the College 10-Day form in the counselor's office.

College and Technical School Visitation Policy

1. Seniors are allowed two (2) days for visits. Juniors are allowed one (1) day.

2. In order to be approved for a ten-day, the students must comply with the new Attendance, Grades, and Discipline Enhancement Policy (High School Eligibilty Policy) in the student handbook. If a student has been absent five days in a nine week period, the student will not be eligible for an approved college 10-day until the student has completed a nine week period with fewer than five absences. If a student failed a course for the prior nine weeks or if he/she is failing a course when this form is turned in, it will be denied.

3. The student is responsible for scheduling the appointment with the college/university.

4. After scheduling the appointment, the student must submit this form to Mrs. Harvey three days prior to departure for the college visit. It is the student's responsibility to return to the counselor's office to verify his/her approval has been granted.

5. Upon returning to school following the visit, the student must provide SEHS with a letter of verification on official letterhead from the college/university, which includes the date of your visit. If this document is not provided, the ten-day will not be granted.

6. College 10-day will not be granted on Mondays or Fridays unless the destination exceeds 150 miles one way.

7. All visits must be made prior to May 1st.

8. All visits and any exceptions to the policy are subject to administrative approval.

College Preview Dates and Tour Information

Below is a list of some of the colleges and universities in Georgia. Please visit their website listed to learn more about how you can tour their campuses.

Preview dates and Tour info