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Pratique à la Maison

1. Create a Googe Slide: You must show proof that you have completed an activity. Take a selfie doing the activity, screen shot your score on a game or activity etc.

2. The first slide should be your name

3. Pick an activity of your choice. You will need to complete 6 different one per nine weeks. You must choose 1 activity from each category and you may NOT repeat the same activity. (You can do it on your own time to practice,however, you will only get credit for a one time activity)

4. Make sure you post your Google Slide under the correct due date.

Due Dates

10/25 ( should be 2 slides : your name and 1 activity)

11/8 ( should be 3 slides: your name and 2 activities)

11/22 ( should be 4 slides : your name and 3 activities)

12/6 ( should be 5 slides: your name and 4 activities)

12/13 ( should be 6 slides : your name and 5 activities)

12/20 ( should be 7 slides: your name and 6 activities)