Elementary Bands

All Returning Band students - INTERMEDIATE LEVEL, having completed 1 year of Beginning Band in any of EESD's (or another) Elementary Schools, please register for intermediate band on this Pre-enrollment link. bit.ly/esdband2018c

This link is only for Returning Band Students. All Beginning and New Band students will register in the Fall at one of EESD's Instrument Fitting Nights - September 4, 2018 at Leyva Middle School or September 5, at Quimby Oak Middle School. Information concerning which fitting night will your child should attend will be provided when we return to school in the Fall.

Getting Started

Evergreen, JFS, and Matsumoto Elementary Band

If you are interested in Band as your pathway to excellence in EESD read on:

EESD's Elementary Bands are groups where the goal is to develop a sense of pride in accomplishment and a desire for further exploration into music. Music lessons are offered on: Flute, Clarinet, Alto Saxophone, Trumpet, and Trombone.

Below is some basic information to help as you decide if band is right for you.

Grading policy – grades are earned as an indicator of the student’s effort.

Books- all students will use the following two books for band according to each student's instrument (District will provide books):

Standards of Excellence, Level 1 - Beginning Students

Standards of Excellence, Level 2 - Intermediate Students

Intermediate students may use both Level 1 and Level 2 books. If level 1 is completed they will progress to level 2.

Instruments and cleaning kits must be obtained by the second class session. Please inform Mrs. Karen Kolber if you have difficulty with this request.

If a student is in good standing they will be invited to perform in a combined Spring Concert (Beginning and Intermediate Bands). Tentative date and concert uniform information is included.

Spring Concert- Tuesday, May 7, 2019 TBA

Attendance at concert events is expected for all band students.

Concert Attire (must be worn for the combined concert)

Boys- shirt: white dress shirt with black tie (regular, not bow; no T-shirts)

pants: black, slack type (no jeans, Dockers style is OK)

shoes: dark, black is preferred, dress style (no tennis shoes)

Girls- blouse: white dressy (no T-shirt)

skirt: black, dressy (no denim), long enough to cover your knees when sitting

slacks: black, dressy (no denim, Dockers OK)

shoes: dark, black is preferred, dress style (no tennis shoes)

Thank you for your interest in EESD's exemplary band program! I hope you join!