Welcome to Mr. Ortega's Music Homepage

Dear Students and Parents,

WELCOME BACK! With the 2019-2020 school year on its way, it is time to embark on another great year of music making. With several concerts and festivals awaiting us, together we will make this year one of the best yet...a real year for the books. 2020 will be our official celebration for the future as we honor our 50th year as a music program!

Please note that we will school begins on Wed, August 21, 2019. All students should expect to begin playing instruments the week of August 26th. Do not wait to get your supplies or a jump on renting or purchasing a quality instrument! Now is a perfect time to make a trip to the music store or purchase online.

I look forward to playing great music, doing fun activities, and sharing my passion of music with you this year! Together we will work hard, learn a lot, and make a lot of great music. Now...go practice and prepare yourself for full year of learning and music making.

Mr. Ortega