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MORE BOOKS ARE COMING!!! I'm getting them out as quick as possible. If you have a favorite series or book you would like to see in the library let me know. I'll look to see if I already have it, and then look at the book and decide if it would be a good fit in our library.

Here are some links you might be interested in:

Parsons Library Catalog

AR Book Finder


If you have a Shasta County Library card you might be interested in downloading the app, Libby. You can access ebooks and audio books from the County Library easily through the app. You can also put books on hold. Libby works on your phone, e-reader, tablet, and computer. If you don't have a Shasta County Library card you should get one! They are easy to get and you will have access to a plethora of books!!! Here is a link to Libby: