What to Expect

Mi Refugio Milonga Music - Tango DJ Warren Edwardes

The Milonga music at Mi Refugio Bayswater will be 100% Traditional with Cortinas in the classic Milonga cycles of 4T C 4T C 3V C 4T C 4T C 3M C .

The music will be (almost) all Argentine Tango 1930 to 1970 mainly 1940s and 1950s with perhaps just one or two pre-1940 or 1960-1970 tandas.

Current Argentine bands playing traditional music will be included on occasion.

There will be a carefully structured balance between energetic rhythmic and passionate lyrical music flowing in undulating waves over the pista from simple to complex songs with the latter late in the milonga. There will be a gentle tsunami after tsunami of danceable tangos.

There will be no mixed band tandas. Mixed singer tandas are avoided unless there are insufficient songs for a tanda and then there will be an instrumental to act as a musical sorbet. There will be a mix between sung Tangos and Instrumentals with the majority being sung.

Spanish is my home language so when I dance I pay attention to the lyrics. I have a leaning towards the lyrical joyous romantic stuff rather than the wrist slashing suicidal songs. So "Todo es Amor" ["All is Love"] and similar will often feature.

On timing there will be a good few seconds between songs within tandas to allow Tangueros to land and recover and hug after soaring to the next piece of tango music.

Cortinas will be 30 seconds long, easily discernible and cut from three classic lively songs from the same band and album across the Milonga.

The draft playlist will be published well before the Milonga. Tangueros at my milongas can be seen looking through the list to plan their milonga.

Every milonga will have a "featured song". So special it is played twice but with different orquestas.

Feel free to message me, Warren Edwardes with requests before the event and I will try and accommodate you. And feedback post-milonga will also be welcome.

Hope I live up to expectations. And I hope you enjoy the set.

Huge Hugs