Tango Shelter 2018

Lottery Prizes

Afternoon Tea for Two at The Connaught Mayfair

Afternoon tea at Jean-Georges puts a playful, contemporary twist on this time-honoured British tradition. You will be whisked away on a sensational journey through taste and texture – with a few unexpected surprises along the way.


(value £124)

Gift Card at Ivy Restaurants

The unique experience of lunch or dinner at one of London’s most renowned restaurants

Provided by Marilyn Harris

(Value £100)

Tangomeet Collection for Tango Shelter I

Sebastián Achaval & Rozana Suarez: The Traces you Leave. Lapiz, Enrosque, Sacadas and Boleos

"To live means to leave traces". You can make them fine or obvious; visible to anyones’ eye, or perceptible only to your partner. But for sure, you should try and make your trace hugely inspiring. Just learn how to do it, so that you can choose how to make your signature count.

(Value €218)

Tangomeet Collection for Tango Shelter II

Carlitos Espinoza & Noelia Hurtado: Milonga & Vals. Time to Bloom and Jubilate!

Although part of the Argentine tango genre, Milonga and Vals have their own spirit, musicality, and rhythm. This collection will teach you how to use tango’s movements and technique when dancing Milonga and Vals. Get inspiration from Carlitos & Noelia’s knowledge and effervescence, in order to find your own way to bloom and jubilate!

(Value €129)

Tangomeet Collection for Tango Shelter III

Sebastián Arce & Mariana Montes: The Feel and Look of Sounds. Musicality

The way you hear, feel, then interpret music is so personal that it definitely sets you apart. This collection will help you get in tune with your musicality and start to fully express it.

(Value €164)

Private class for single or couple by David James Bailey and Ann Salmon of Learning Tango


(Value £50)

1 case of 6 bottles of La Cumparsita de Oro wines by Warren Edwardes of Hyde Park Wines.


(Value £33)