Tango Shelter 2018

Thank You All

And finally ... I’d like to thank the very many who helped make Tango Shelter 2018 a success.

Funds raised were a substantial £1,700.19 compared with £1,379.08 in 2017

First of course thanks to Scott McCombe, the Administrator of the Mount Street Jesuit Centre for agreeing to host Tango Shelter 2018 to raise funds for the Farm Street Winter Night Shelter. As explained by Fr. Dominic Robinson, The Superior, on the night this feeds and shelters the homeless in the winter cold in the very room where we celebrated the milonga. And it is indeed cold and wet outside.

Then thanks to David James Bailey and Ann Salmon of Learning Tango for once again helping with advice and support on running a milonga. They run the monthly Milonga Abierta in Apsley near Hemel Hempstead. They also run an Annual Summer Festival with the next one on 14 – 16 June 2018 in Hemel.

David also managed the second room and DJ'd a fine Nuevo / Alt set in there. He also supplied and installed the sound systems in both rooms.

Meanwhile DJ Zhanna Rabinska kicked off the event with a perfect Golden Age Traditional set and I took over after a couple of hours to provide a set of late Golden Age and Romantic Silk Age Tangos.

Thanks to early volunteers to dance for us, Olga Metzner and Onur Gümrükçü for a memorable performance. And to Bahar Köse for not only showing off her clothes by Bahar’s Designs but also training me to pronounce “Gümrükçü”.

Carlotta Missiroli wonderfully sang two versions of Invierno in the original Spanish and in an English version by me, Warren Edwardes. The orchestral music was generously provided by Roma Milonguera.

Guillermo Willis having arrived from Buenos Aires just a few days beforehand performed an evocative tanda for us on the bandoneón.

Volunteering for the catering were Peng Newman and Jack Vasiliou of Tango on The Thames providing the delicious cake and quiche for sale for the charity.

I, Warren Edwardes , provided my La Cumparsita de Oro wine for sale for the charity – I hope people liked it.

Managing the set-up, take-down, reception and kitchen was a tight team of Alicia Lofthouse, William Rhind , Jennifer Sutton, Samantha Wyaelt, Anne Curtis and Doug Johnstone. Other than Alicia who had helped in 2007 these were all non dancing volunteers.

Oh and special mention to Sava Rabinskis, Zhanna Rabinska‘s son for not only handing out the gifts of La Cumparsita wine to the performers but also extracting money from as many people as he could with "Would you like to buy a fan for free or you could make a donation?”

We all had a great time. But it is also nice to watch it again. So thanks to Alex Lake for filming the event. I’m looking forward to the videos that capture the electricity of the evening.

Then I’d like to thank the Lottery Prize donaters – The Connaught Hotel, Marilyn Harris, Riad Atman (Orietta Volpi), Olga Metzner of TangoBETTER, Bahar's Designs (Bahar Bahar Köse), Learning Tango (Ann Salmon and David James Bailey) and Hyde Park Wines for La Cumparsita. (Warren Edwardes)

For details of the prizes see the Tango Shelter webpage https://sites.google.com/edwardes.org/tangodj/tango-shelter-2018/lottery-prizes-2018

And thanks to all who bought Milonga and Lottery tickets and who made donations to cover the credit card and other minimal expenses and also for publicising the event.

¡Hasta La Pista!

Warren Edwardes