And Finally

And finally ... I’d like to thank the very many who helped make Tango Shelter 2017 a success.

First of course thanks to Scott McCombe, the Administrator of the Mount Street Jesuit Centre for agreeing to host Tango Shelter 2017 for Pope Francis’ birthday and also to raise funds for the Farm Street Winter Night Shelter. This feeds and shelters the homeless in the winter cold in the very room where we celebrated the milonga. And it is indeed cold and wet outside.

Then thanks to David James Bailey and Ann Salmon of Learning Tango for immediately helping with advice on running a milonga. They run the monthly Milonga Abierta in Apsley near Hemel Hempstead. The next Abierta is on 6th January. I’ll be there and look forward to it. They also run an Annual Summer Festival with the next one on 15 – 17 June 2018 in Hemel. I’ll be the Dj at the Tea Dance on Sunday 17 June. Unfortunately Ann was unable to attend Shelter due to recent surgery.

But the most important reason for contacting David at the outset was to act as Standby DJ and Organiser in case I “did a Tony Walker” before the event. David had his notebook computer at Tango Shelter and was ready to deliver a full milonga. He also had Scott’s contact details and a copy of our emails ready to step in at any stage.

Thanks also to David also not only for the loan of his sound equipment but for setting it up and managing it on the night.

Then soon after setting up a Tango Shelter Facebook Event Page and a Web Page Kim Benitez and David Bentitez of Tango Movement came on board volunteering to deliver a performance. Many thanks to them not only for the performance but also for helping to market the event over three months via Facebook and also email. Kim also helped recruit volunteers for the event. I’m looking forward to the Tango Movement Charity Ball in February,

Again early on in the process Caroline Pearsall volunteered to perform a solo tanda. She founded The London Tango Orchestra. They will be performing at Milonga Abierta in Apsley on 6 January 2018.

Volunteering for the catering were Peng Newman and Jack Vasiliou of Tango on The Thames providing the delicious cake and quiche for sale for the charity and managing the catering. Unfortunately Rosanna Ottewell who also volunteered was unable to attend Shelter due to a winter cold. I provided my La Cumparsita de Oro wine for sale for the charity – I hope people liked it.

Very much feeling the winter cold were Alicia Lofthouse and Paulina Wasiak who managed the reception desk near the frequently opening front door. I hope they had a few dances and somehow kept warm.

We all had a great time. But it is also nice to watch it again. So thanks to Alex Lake for filming the event and producing six excellent videos that cleverly capture the electricity of the evening.

Thanks also to Natalia Wróblewska for coming in despite being ill but also under pressure to complete her doctorate thesis. The photos will accordingly not be with us until February.

Then I’d like to thank the Lottery Prize donaters – The Connaught Hotel, TangoBETTER, Harmony Health & Beauty, Tango Movement, Learning Tango, Hyde Park Wines and Milonga Mi Refugio for the prizes.

For details of thre prizes see the Tango Shelter webpage

Thanks also to Martin Espindola of Tango Terra in Covent Garden who found a slot in his diary a few days before the event and it was great to have him on board to join the team. Unfortunately we had sold out so there was no room for the others in the Tango Terra Quartet as seen at The Seven Dials Club on Thursdays.

And thanks to all who bought Milonga and Lottery tickets and also for publicising the event. And so sorry to those who could not buy tickets after we had sold out. One person even offered £100 for a ticket on the day.

¡Hasta La Pista!

Warren Edwardes