Olga and Onur

Olga Metzner and Onur Gümrükçü are the Tango Shelter 2018 Tango dance performers.

They met in 2014 in Istanbul and really enjoyed dancing with each other. They have been dancing together socially until in summer 2018 they decided to dance, perform and teach as a couple.

Olga and Onur performing in London.

The first song is "Todo es Amor" by Romantica Milonguera c. Roberto Minondi

The second song is Sin Rumbo Fijo, Orquesta Típica Víctor c. Ángel Vargas

The third song is the milonga Tango Negro, Juan Carlos Caceres.

Olga is a London-based tango dancer, teacher and founder of the TangoBETTER project.

She discovered tango 10 years ago, and has been dancing ever since. Her approach to tango is based on balancing joy, good technique and interesting musicality. She believes that the two main pleasures of tango lay in connection and endless opportunities to grow.

Onur started to dance tango in 2010 in Istanbul. He improved his dance very quickly because of his sports background and his absolute dedication to tango. Onur loves the limitless creativity of tango, and his particular passion lies in elegance of the movement and deep connection in the couple. He currently lives and teaches in Hamburg.