Warren Edwardes' Tango Bio

Central London based Warren Edwardes has been dancing Tango since 2012 having previously danced Salsa, Merengue and Cumbia since 1990.

He has DJ'd Milongas in the UK and Italy and as an organiser delivered Tango Shelter to raise funds for charity.

He has attended on one or more occasions 24 out of 48 Argentine Tango schools in the London area so is well aware of different teachers' methods.

He is known for his Tango musicality and has delivered Argentine Tango musicality classes.

In November 2015, Warren gave an Argentine Tango introductory class in Spanish to a group 12 senior students from Eton College and St Mary's School, Ascot as a presentation to the schools' Hispanic Societies.

He has been invited to help the teaching at classes and festivals on occasion serving as a Taxi Dancer to make up the often shortage of men.

Warren's fluency in Spanish helps him to understand the lyrics which he interprets in his dances and helps him to plan the playlists. On balance he prefers the upbeat romantic songs to the suicidal ones.

He translates Tango songs to be sung in English retaining all the flavour of the Spanish originals.

Other than in London he has danced Argentine Tango in Bangkok, Barcelona, Madrid, Malaga, Rome, Salzburg, Turin, Venice, Verona and Vienna. He's not been to Buenos Aires since taking up Tango but that will soon come.

Warren has also created a range of wines - La Cumparsita

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