Smashboard Edu

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Smashboard Edu Overview

New DIY card game is here for 2018!

Print, Cut, Construct

1. Print starter pack -

Starter pack includes:

  • πŸ‚  Problem card
  • πŸ‚  Research card
  • πŸ‚  Smash?! card
  • 🎲 Smash?! dice
SmashboardEdu Starter Template

2. Print App cards -

πŸ’» Web apps-

πŸ“±Mobile apps-

App cards include:

  • πŸ‚  Rules card
  • πŸ‚  Writing app cards
  • πŸ‚  Photo app cards
  • πŸ‚  Audio app cards
  • πŸ‚  Graphics app cards
  • πŸ‚  Video app cards
  • πŸ‚  Silly app cards
SmashboardEdu Web App Cards
SmashboardEdu Mobile App Cards

3. Print optional add-on cards-

Used to add more complexity to the game-play

SmashboardEdu Add-on Cards
Goal Cards SmashboardEdu

Activity TIMERS

Need timers with epic work music?-

SmashboardEdu Timers


Modified versions of Smashboard Edu created by and for the community!

Sample Problems and App Smashes

Problems Samples SmashboardEdu
Sample App Smashes SmashboardEdu

Previous Versions

SmashboardEdu Template 3.0

3.0 Design Cycle

2.0 SmashboardEdu Template

2.0 Block-Set Design

Web Smashboard Template

1.0 Game Board