Smashboard Edu

Gamified Problem Based Learning

Smashboard Edu is a HyperDoc that leads learners through the design-thinking process, involves app-smashing, collaborative goal-setting, and iteration. The main objective is to create a unique product that solves a relevant, real-world problem.

SmashboardEdu Template 3.0

Student Template

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Give back to our veterans by assisting with housing, employment, or health care. Copy here

Veteran's Day SmashboardEdu

2.0 Examples

Problem to solve- comfort product for children after a natural disaster

Natural Disaster Process Smashboard

Problem to solve- 10 year old girl needs a thoughtful gift for Mother's Day

Mothers Day Smashboard

Problem to solve- Charlotte Lab School needs field day games. How to navigate

CLS Field Day Smashboard

Problem to solve- Prove that annoying toys can be used as educational tools

5th Grade Design Challenge

Previous Versions

Legacy Think Open App Smashing!

Beta app-smashing concept

Web Smashboard Template

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2.0 SmashboardEdu Template

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