Maker Kitchen

A maker kitchen is a low-cost makerspace filled with simple tech and analog "ingredients" to help your students make on a budget. More expensive tech can be added over time, but not necessary!

Photo of makerspace at Yough Intermediate Middle School, Ruffsdale, PA.

Low-cost tech to add to analog:

  • DC micro motors
  • LED diode light kits
  • on/off switches
  • aligator clip wires
  • coin cell batteries
  • copper tape
  • mini speakers
  • hot glue gun
  • soldering iron

Expensive Tech Not Required!

Oh The Games We Play, The Things We Make!


Full Presentation featuring Chopped Edition.

SmashboardEdu Mods

#SmashboardEdu Maker Edition

Popsicle Stick Activity

Popsicle Challenge!