Smashboard Edu is problem-based learning & the design-thinking process smashed into a gamified experience!

The goal is to creatively explain a solution to a relevant, real-world problem.

Setup and Play

Each group of 3 or 4 receives a set of cards and a device (phone, tablet, or computer).

One note-taker needed per team. Notes can be taken analog or digitally.

Follow the steps for each card in order:

SOS card can be used once by the group during any point of the process to ask for help from the facilitator.

  1. Problem: 5-15 min
  2. Research: 5-15 min
  3. Solve: 15-35 min (extended time for creation)
  4. Share: 5-15 min
  5. Reflect: 5-15 min

Print YO Cards 👇

Smash a Problem!

Start with a relevant, real-world problem to be solved. Facilitator can create problem with participants or each group can create on their own.

In the classroom, teachers and students evaluate lesson objectives/essential question by asking:

What new information & skills will be (or has been) taught?

When might learners use this information & skills in the future?

How might they use this information & skills to help others?

With this in mind, teachers and students have a conversation to discover a relevant, real-world problem to solve.

Choose Analog or Digital Resources

⬢ Responses can be captured with simple resources like paper and pencil or interactive slides.

Respond to questions via interactive slides, like Pear Deck or Nearpod.

Solution explanations can be created with maker materials (see #MakerKitchen) or digital tools.

Add Agency with Creative Apps

🙃 For advanced-play, spin the wheel below and try one or more apps to explain your solution!

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