Starting with the Why:

Purpose-Based Learning

by Tara Linney

EduMatch Special Episode Ft. Tara Linney

About Tara

Tara Linney is an award-winning Learning Innovation Coach, recognized for her work in gender equity in the teaching of computer programming, global collaborations in education, and educational coaching. As a Learning Innovation Coach, Linney has guided educators on developing interdisciplinary learning opportunities, allowing their students to leverage prior knowledge in the learning of new concepts.

Part of Linney’s recent work includes integrating Sustainable Development Goals into education, finding places of overlap within the C3 Framework, NGSS, and Common Core State Standards; using ISTE Student Standards to support the “how” in the learning process.

In 2015, Linney became an international educator, based in Singapore. She has traveled to conferences throughout the United States and Asia to speak on a wide variety of educational topics. Linney is a Google Certified Innovator, Google Education Trainer, ASCD Emerging Leader, and a Raspberry Pi Certified Educator. She is the ‘17-’18 ISTE Global Collaboration PLN President, and has been an active ISTE member since she began her career in education, back in 2010. She holds an M.S. degree in the Science of Instruction from Drexel University and is certified as an Instructional Technology Specialist. Her primary background is grounded in helping educators incorporate meaningful technology experiences into their instruction.

Two of Tara’s biggest passions include teaching kids how to code, and introducing them to a more global world. Linney is the author of a book set to be released in April 2018, Achieving Gender Equity in Teaching Coding.