Role-based desktops

The features of the Peppi system have been organized into virtual desktops. Access and use of the desktops are based on user roles, such as student and teacher, and a system administrator can edit permissions associated with a particular role.

The following examples display some of the most important features of the virtual desktops.

Student’s Desktop

  • Profile: View and edit your personal profile and curriculum
  • Personal study plan: Plan, schedule, and edit your personal study plan
  • Timetable: Search and enroll on courses
  • Personal progress: View the progress of your studies and set goals
  • Transcript of records: View completed courses
  • Calendar: Book rooms and view the schedules of teachers, courses, and student groups
  • Prior learning: Apply for transfer of credits and recognition of prior learning

Teacher’s Desktop

  • Course creation and management: Create course descriptions based on templates, plan course content, materials and learning environments, and manage student enrollment
  • Student evaluation: Evaluate completed courses and theses
  • Assessment of prior learning: Manage credit transfer and recognition of prior learning
  • Student information: View and search information on students’ progress and attendance
  • Student counseling: Review and approve students’ personal study plans
  • Resource planning: Manage schedules and bookings

Planner's Desktop

  • Administration: Manage user rights, templates, localization, and layout
  • Curriculum planning
  • Year planning: Set up budget, teaching hours, and teachers’ schedules
  • Resources: Coordinate schedules, bookings, and other resources
  • Student admissions: Prepare the admission of new students
  • Staff information: View and search information on the staff

Study Management Desktop

  • Student management: Manage students’ information, attendance data, and individual study plans
  • Credit registry: View a registry of students’ grades and completed courses
  • CSV import: Transfer students to the Peppi system from Excel/CSV files
  • Reports: Create various reports based on the Peppi system, such as the number of course enrollments, teaching hours, theses, and certificates of student status

Administrator’s Desktop

  • System administration: Manage code sets and localization
  • Desktop management: Manage user rights and the layout and descriptions other virtual desktops
  • Logs: View logs of system functions and integrations with other systems
  • Semester administration: Set dates for semester enrollment