Peppi is packed with integrations

Peppi is integrated with...

O365 and MS Teams

Open-source learning platform

This widely used, open-source Learning management system can be driven directly by Peppi. This integration package adds and removes students and staff from Moodle courses based on changes in Peppi. Instantaneous and simple.

Flexible content collaboration

The best tool for technical documentation used by thousands of organizations around the world. Our integration handles the automatic creation of Confluence spaces and adding and removing users, based on patterns and templates. Save precious time by never administrating Confluence spaces for courses manually. Leverage the simplicity of adding course workspaces automatically based on enrollments.

Less effort, more learning

Our Learning management system integration package allows effortless integrations to any third-party LMS or shared workspace service or software, as long as it has a REST API that Peppi can utilize. The integrations above are just examples, and we are adding support for all major digital education tools. Different sciences have different needs—engineers need access to online diagram drawing tools and CAD utilities; technical writers want access to documentation platforms and tools. Many fields have their specialized pieces of software that students need to learn and master. Managing access and authorization for students to these third-party tools can be overwhelming for the teacher, and it is vital that the core information system handles these operations automatically.