Curriculum development

Efficient curricula with Peppi

Peppi enables the planning and versioning of curricula, and courses are always linked to curricula. Each student has their own curriculum which is based on the offerings of the school. Personal curriculum that shows a student's courses and grades is tightly linked to the school's curriculum.

The interlinking of these structures allows for efficient and iterative development of the curricula. Feedback from courses becomes feedback for curricula, and curriculum versioning allows gradual changes to be made while keeping the current and previous information integrity intact, nice and tidy.

Peppi has a built-in, efficient tool that teachers and planners can use for general curriculum planning and management.

Peppi also has easy-to-use and personal curriculum and timetable management tools for students. Studying and finding out what to study now and next has never been easier.

Personal curriculum planning

The Peppi system enables students to design, manage, and develop their personal study plans throughout their studies. The plans can also be reviewed by teachers and student counselors. The student's view includes the curriculum, but it also shows grades and information about the student's progress.