Peppi is


Clouds are not gathering

Today everything needs to be cloud-native. Let me explain how this translates into plain English with regards to Peppi.

The source code of Peppi is compiled and packaged into containers that you can run almost anywhere. We were among the very first to use Docker delivery in both for staging and production services. All the major cloud providers and all the major operations systems support running Docker containers. If you are a techie, then this translates into good news. You can run Peppi simply with the Docker service inside your OS with Docker Compose description files, or you can leverage the power of your favorite Kubernetes infrastructure and your favorite Kubernetes orchestrator, such as Rancher or Kontena. Keep it as simple or as complicated, whichever suits your world.

With Docker and Kubernetes at your fingertips for running Peppi, you are not bound by legacy servers or vendor lock-ins.

We are not selling you our one-and-only cloud service—you can freely choose where you run your Peppi. We can of course do the whole thing for you, running Peppi in a Finnish data center. Safe, cost-effective, and transparent.