The modern and service-oriented education software suite, made under the midnight sun

Meet Peppi, the Eduix service platform for education

If you are looking for a prominent education software ecosystem, feel right at home. We have taken the traditional SIS much further and transformed it to a full-blown ERP for education. We take students' needs more seriously than any other player on the market. The majority of Finnish education institutions run on code developed by Eduix. Now you can too. Everything has been developed in tight collaboration with the education organizations.

Equal opportunities

Rami Heinisuo, CEO & Founder, Eduix Ltd

Finnish students enjoy mostly tuition-free education all the way to their Master's degree. My personal wish would be that all people could enjoy that too. We have developed the open digitalization ecosystem for Finnish institutions of education and now we have started our journey to share this ecosystem and our knowledge to the rest of the world.

A pessimist might say that "doesn't everyone already have a student information system". We at Eduix believe that there is plenty of room to improve on all things digital in schools. Legacy systems are rigid, institution oriented and were built for managing "too little, too late" information. Our modern, open and service oriented education planning, management and augmentation ecosystem can be your software, your platform or your very own ecosystem - local, regional or nationwide.

We provide the tools and the knowledge for you to utilize our system to the full benefit of your students. Happy, motivated and engaging students are the foundation for the long term success of an education institution