Professional Organizations

Council for Exceptional Children

The national organization for education and policy in Special Education. The resources page hosts a wealth of research based commentary and best practices that will be of interest to both parents and educators. Membership brings with it access to message boards with technical experts, increase resources, newsletters and focus groups. Each year the CEC annual conference is a must go-to event.

Learning Disabilities Association of California

"A child is only as disabled as the environment and the people around them"

Special Education Law and Process - A toolkit from start to finish.

This toolkit explains the process of how children qualify into Special Education and how they are assessed for services. The information was produced during a University of California, Sacramento program and does not necessarily represent the views or policies of any particular district but nonetheless is a useful overview of Special Education Law.

Special Education Acronyms

A useful page explaining some of the most frequently used acronyms in Special Education

Post-Secondary Planning

A great tool for career assessment and services offered in the state.

A fantastic tool for students. Students should register on this site using their school email.

El Dorado County Resources List

A useful list of local resources including adult education, colleges, vocational programs and training programs.

Workability Information Sheet

Special Education Students may qualify for this great program that provides job coaching, shadowing and training to boost resumes and get students the skills they need to land a job.

El Dorado Union High School Workability Web Resource

Everything in one place and at your fingertips. Find site coordinators and staff at our high schools that are ready to help with the post-secondary transition.

Mental Health

Positive Psychology Mental Health and Well-being

I am a proponent of Positive Psychology - the study of what makes people happy rather than what makes people less sad.