Contact Information: is a tool used to send reminders to students. By signing up, you will be subscribing to a text-message service. You will not receive messages from my phone number, nor will I know yours. For Biology text "@gcbgd6" to 81010 For chemistry text "@7eh8k3" to 81010.

Tutoring :

    • Tutoring is available by appointment.
    • I am your best resource, should you find yourself struggling at all, please ask me for help immediately!

The counseling office will also have a list of upper division science students at ORHS who can provide low to no cost tutoring help outside of school hours, or adult tutoring services without a cost.


  • Learning in this class begins with the lab experience. Our motto is “Science is a verb, not a noun”! Science is what we DO, not just something we read about. In this class students will not be “given” information, they will be expected to think and figure things out for themselves. The science department is in constant need of lab consumables. The best way to contribute is by donating supplies or gift cards to local stores such as Target/Raley's/Safeway. You might see me from time to time in the morning buying supplies for my classes from these stores. If you can contribute, that would be great. Do not contribute if it is a hardship for your family.! THANK YOU! -Mrs. Bettencourt
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