Academic year


Updates to this guide

The school reserves the right to make changes to this study guide. Should there be any changes or corrections made, students will be informed about these during homeroom lessons (GHT).

NOTE: The site is currently being updated for the 2021-2022 academic year! (2.9.2021)

Lists of books in the MG IB Google Classroom.

School rules

Everyone is entitled to comfort and well-being, security, and peace and quiet to work in school.

1. The lessons start and finish according to the timetable.

2. A student who causes disturbances can be expelled from class.

3. If a student is taken ill during the school day they should see the school nurse or inform the teacher from whose lesson they will be absent.

4. No disturbances of any kind are tolerated in the dining hall. Trays and dishes must be returned.

5. Leaving litter is forbidden in the school building and surroundings.

6. The student is responsible for damage caused to property belonging to the school or another student.

7. In case of an accident the school nurse or a teacher should be informed.

8. Bicycles and motorized vehicles must be parked in the places assigned to them. Students driving cars must not park in the staff parking area on the school premises but in the parking place opposite the school (across from the Neste gas station.).

9. Smoking is prohibited in the school area. The school will inform the parents of students caught smoking on the school premises.

10. It is forbidden to drink alcohol in school or during events organized by the school, such as parties, excursions, trips and workshops. It is also forbidden to bring or store any kind of intoxicants in the school.


Period (project week )

  1. 11 August–1 October (27 Sep–1 Oct)

  2. 4 October–30 November (24 Nov–30 Nov)

  3. 1 December–4 February (28 Jan–4 Feb)

  4. 7 February–1 April (28 Mar–1 Apr)

flexweek 4 April–8 April

  1. 11 April–6 June (24 May–1 Jun)

Special days

  • Autumn holiday: 18-22 October

  • Taksvärkki: 12 November

  • Independence day: 6 December

  • Christmas holiday : 23 December–9 January

  • Penkkarit: 10 February

  • Wanhat: 11 February

  • Winter holiday : 21–25 February

  • Easter holiday: 15-18 April

  • May day (Vappu): 1 May

  • Ascension Day: 26 May


Retakes (Time: 16.00-19.00)

Period 1: Thu 14 October

Period 2: Thu 9 December

Period 3: Thu 17 February

Period 4: Thu 21 April

Upgrades (Time: 16.00 - 19.00)

Thu 20 January

Thu 10 March

The Schedule

Due to an increased number of students, we now follow a staggered schedule. See the images below for the lesson times for your year group - there's one schedule for preDP and one for DP1/DP2.

The academic year is divided into five periods of roughly seven weeks each and the instruction in the different subjects is divided into separate courses. In April there is a one-week so-called Flex week with a different timetable.

The timetable consists of different positions (1–9). The courses are placed in a single position each and are taught three lessons (each 75 minutes) a week to make up a whole course.

  • In preDP, courses are generally three times a week for one period.

  • HL subjects are three times a week throughout the year.

  • SL subjects mostly run for two lessons a week all year, though the scheduling does vary between subjects.

  • Make sure to follow your teacher’s instructions and check Wilma carefully if the group consists of both HL and SL students.

Form teacher and homeroom “GHT”

Every Tuesday your form group will meet at the weekly tutorial (GHT). Attendance is compulsory.

Project week

At the end of each period, the students in the national programme and preDP have their project week. IB DP students follow the same schedule, but the contents of the lessons (regular teaching and/or exams) are up to the teachers. During some project weeks IB DP students also have afternoon sessions that concern e.g. the Group 4 Project, Extended Essay, CAS, TOK and counselling.

Make sure you keep track of your daily schedule. The most up-to-date information regarding other events and times than regular classes is found on the school calendar.

preDP lesson times

DP1/DP2 lesson times


There are several computer environments accessible to you when you study at Mattlidens. They help you with your studies and provide a source of information on current events at school and the different courses you are enrolled in. You will receive all necessary passwords at the beginning of the school year and are responsible to remember as well as update them as required.

Your most important tools:

Wilma is the place to look for information on your studies and the current academic year.

All your schedules and grades are found here. Wilma can also be used for communication between teachers and students. Please log in on a daily basis to read your messages (

Google classroom: MG IB (En)

This is the place to go for all information for students in the IB.

This includes:

-exam schedules

-subject guides

-data booklets

-subject information

-final exam information

The Google calendar (linked here) associated with this classroom also contains up to date information about deadlines and upcoming events. You should check it regularly and/or add it to your own personal calendar.

ManageBac is a site used for Extended Essay, CAS, and various assessment work in the other IB subjects.

You are given a username and password for ManageBac in the beginning of DP1 and are normally expected to upload your work there as well as use it for communication with teachers concerning the subject work. All final versions of any work submitted to the IB should be uploaded to ManageBac.

The Mattliden website is an important channel of information on current affairs and events at school for guardians and other non-students.

Please note that the school has both a Swedish and an English page with differing contents. To access the English-language homepage, click on the “IB in English” icon in the upper right corner.

Wilma for parents/guardians

Parents also get a password for monitoring attendance and progress in Wilma until you turn 18. You can allow your parents/guardians to have access to Wilma also after that, just contact the Secretary, DP coordinator or form teacher.


School lunch

In Finland students are offered a free school lunch every day. There are some 1,200 people who have lunch at Mattliden’s School Centre daily, so please respect the lunch-time schedule to ensure that the system works properly. Even if you have a skip lesson around lunchtime, you are kindly asked to only have lunch 12.00 - 13.15 (project week schedule 12.00 - 12.30).

Vegetarians and those with food allergies should notify the kitchen through the completion of a form at the school office. All allergies and intolerances require a doctor’s certificate. Only students who have requested a special diet are allowed to have dietary food.

In addition, porridge is served every morning (9.15 - 10.00) during regular school days. There is no porridge service during the project weeks.

Student lockers

As a student you get access to a locker where you can store school books and other belongings during the school year. The lockers are distributed at the beginning of each academic year via the form teacher during GHT. Otherwise it is the caretaker who is in charge of the lockers and who must be contacted if you need a locker, lost your key or no longer need or want your locker. You must not give your locker to anyone or change lockers with a fellow student without going through the caretaker. His office is in the hallway between the cafeteria and auditorium. The lockers are for your personal use only and you must not give anyone else the right to use them. Lockers must be emptied over the summer even if you continue your studies in the autumn.


Will be updated for 21-22!

Bus-cards in the Metropolitan Area. As long as you are under 18 years of age, you will travel as a child on public transport. If you are over 17 , you still receive a reduction on the ticket price if you have the necessary form filled in, signed and stamped before going to buy your monthly ticket.

In order to receive a student discount, you must study full time and be a resident of the HSL area. The discount is 45 percent and applies only to season tickets. The right to the discount must be renewed annually, at the latest by 31.8. If the studies continue for an entire academic year (autumn and spring term) or end at the end of the spring term, the student discount applies to the end of August. If the studies end at the end of the autumn term, the discount applies to the end of January.

These arrangements only apply if you live in the metropolitan area, i.e. Helsinki, Espoo, Kauniainen, Vantaa, Kerava, Sipoo, Tuusula, Kirkkonummi and Siuntio. Those who are temporarily living in the region do not unfortunately have any right to a subsidised ticket, although the regional ticket is available with a certificate from the school.

Students living outside the Helsinki Metropolitan area may apply for a school transport grant at Kansaneläkelaitos (KELA). Application forms are available on

Student cards and discounts on long-distance coaches and trains

A discount exists on any train or bus journey of over 80 km with a certificate from the school.

The upper secondary school organisation Suomen lukiolaisten liitto has its own student card that can be obtained directly from the organisation (application online at Contact the student union for further information. This card gives reductions on trains and long-distance coaches.

Student grants and financial aid

Application forms and information about grants and loans are available on