Dear Langwarrin Park Primary School Families,

As a result of the restrictions currently in place, our online learning space, where teachers have set up a system for providing work to students in all levels of the school, is once again up and running and ready for remote learning.

Last year we learned how to navigate the program and I am sure that we can once again have of confidence in knowing how to utilise the website and how to work through the activities provided by teachers in each level. We understand that for parents of children in Foundation or those of students new to the school, there may be a little extra time and support needed to become familiar with the process. Connections with students through Webex and Google Meet keep students in touch with their teachers and with their classmates and we are working to ensure that this process is once again implemented successfully.

You will find the work under the Year Level and Specialist tabs in the drop down box at the top of the screen. Just select your child’s year level.

We understand that this program cannot directly replicate the school timetable and learning in the classroom – however, a number of hours every day will have a positive impact on their well-being and learning. The daily minimum that we recommend at this stage is:

Students in Foundation - Year 2

Literacy - 45-60 minutes

Numeracy - 30-45 minutes

Additional Learning areas: Inquiry / THRIVE activities - 30-45 minutes

Students in Year 3 - 6

Literacy - 45-60 minutes

Numeracy - 30-45 minutes

Additional Curriculum areas – Inquiry / THRIVE activities -30-45 minutes

Each team will provide information to cover the weekly block of home learning for their level. As your child is completing this work, have a conversation with them about what they are working on and what they have learnt.

We don't expect you to take on the role of teacher, however establishing a regular daily routine will be extremely helpful. It is important that we work together and keep communicating so that our children can successfully access their learning each day.

The staff at LPPS are committed to supporting all of the students and families in our school community. My best wishes to you all - thank you for your continuing support.

Kind regards,

Richard Barren

Acting Principal