Lara Lake Primary School

Prep Transition

2023 Virtual Tour


Hello and welcome to our 2023 Prep Transition website.

Here you will find relevant information regarding your child's upcoming transition to school. Please continue to check back regularly, as more information will be added over the course of the term.

Our upcoming transition program and parent information sessions will be subject to COVID-19 guidelines at the time. We will continue to update you regarding how these events will run. In the meantime, please enjoy exploring this site, where our team have put together a range of resources to support your child's transition to school.

On behalf of the school community, we welcome you to Lara Lake.

Kind Regards,

Grade Prep Team

What You Can Do At Home

There are many things you can do at home to support your child's transition to school, to ensure they are as prepared as possible to "Pursue Their Personal Best". It is vitally important students develop independence as early as possible, as this will set them up for success and help them establish positive learning habits.

  • support your child to carry their own bag

  • support your child to take off and put on their own jumper

  • support your child to open and close containers in their lunch box independently, including 'squeezy' yoghurt tops and chip packets

  • support your child to enter their classroom independently from as early as possible in the school year - arranging a drop off/pick up spot away from the classroom also supports this

  • provide opportunities to read and write everyday

  • engage in Literacy based activities, such as reading books together, drawing pictures and talking about them, or playing word and vocabulary games such as "I Spy"

  • engage in Numeracy based activities, such as counting how many books/toys/lego bricks your child has, discussing how much of something you use when cooking, saying a number and counting out that many things, and using mathematical language like 'more', 'less', 'larger', 'smaller', 'longer', 'shorter', 'heavier', 'lighter', etc

  • support your child to be able to hold a pencil correctly - writing their name is a great way to reinforce this

  • support your child to be able to recognise their name, and to be able to recognise if a letter is in their name