Prep - Year 2 Competition

Drawing Competition Winners!

Congratulations to Vihaan FC, Audrey 1C and Rory 2C!

A special thank you to everyone who sent amazing drawings of their favourite places! Thank you to everyone who entered. We will be in contact with the winners soon with details of their prize.

Vihaan, FC

My Family On A Boat

Audrey, 1C

Luna Park

Rory, 2C

Infinite Storey Treehouse

Airlie, FA

The Ocean That is Magical

Leo, 1A

North Melbourne Pool

Maddie, FA

My Treehouse

Matilda W, FC

Me Defending Henry Against
Lord Voldemort Using My Magic

Matilda, 2A

Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

Louisa, 1B


May, FD

Flower World

Annika, 1C

Crystal Castle

Freyja, 1A

The Isle from The Descendants

Luke 2A

Tiny People Land

Madison, 1A

Home Sweet Home

Isabella, FB

The Beach

Sofia, 2C

Nature Jungle

Lachlan, 2A

Whitehaven Beach

Cameron, FB

Advantia from Beast Quest

Isabella, 1A

Frozen with Elsa

Heloise, 2A

Fantasy Castle

Matilda, FB


Eli, FD

Mountain River

August, FB

Cthulhu’s Cthastle

Vida, 2A


Matilda B, FC

Magic Princess Castle

Marcus, 2A

Lucky Place

Olivia, 1B

Maps of the World

Sophie, 2A


Eydan, 1A

Footscray Park

Celeste, 1B

My Dream Bedroom with a Secret Tunnel

Neve, FB


Willa, FB

Santa at the North Pole

Felix, 1C

Lolly Land

Camila, 2C

Matilda C, FB

Baby Yoda Land

Ari, 1A

Games World

Sophie G, FC

Princess Land

Sophie R, FC

Charlotte 1A

Lolly Land

Lily, 2C

My Cousins' House in Queensland

Sophie T, FA

Rainbow Land

Jordan, FD

Water Lava Land

Meg, 1C


Nha Thi, 2A

Candyland on Clouds

Huck, FB

Into the Spiderman Verse

Frankie, 1B

Cat World

India, 2B

Magical Ocean

Annabel, FD

Fairy Land

Eleanor, FB

Crystal Island

Madison, 2A


Louis, 2B

Mahir, FB

Amelie, 2A

Sky Castle

Henry, 1C

St Louis, Missouri, USA

Tendai, 1A

Aliyah, FB


Advay, 2A

Hagrid's Hut

Charlie, FB

Candy Land

Lottie, 2C

My Tree House

Ahmed, 2B