Year 11 Subject Selection, 2023

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We would like to acknowledge country and the traditional custodians of this land who are the Wodi Wodi people of the Five Islands Dreaming, Dharawal Country and the Yuin nation.

We would like to acknowledge the country on which we learn and teach, near Sandon Point, the declared Aboriginal land rich in Aboriginal history and culture.

We thank the ancestors and Elders for passing down their knowledge of country and traditions which is the reason that Aboriginal culture thrives today.

At Bulli High School, it is our responsibility to preserve and respect the integrity of this significant site for future generations.

Welcome to Year 11 Subject Selection, 2023

To supplement our subject selection process for 2023, we have created this online resource that provides information about studying for the Higher School Certificate, 2024.

Please take the time to read the Subject Selection Information Booklet for Year 11, 2023 that can be found below.

You will also find a checklist and flowchart that can assist in determining an appropriate pattern of study for the Higher School Certificate.

From this homepage, you can navigate to information from each of the faculties, additional resources and frequently asked questions (FAQs).

View the presentations that explain a range of important topics about HSC requirements, Stage 6 subjects and the subject selection process.

Please note the resources below were presented at Subject Selection Evening by Bulli HS staff. These uploaded presentations do not contain audio.

PRINCIPALS ADDRESS Year 11 2023 Subject Selection Presentation (2).pptx

Senior Studies at Bulli HS

Compressed Mp4 Nesa Presentation-1.m4v

NESA Requirements and HSC Eligibility

VET presentation.pptx

Vocational Education (VET)

Careers and EVET presentation.pptx

Bulli HS Careers Program and External Vocational Education (EVET)

BHS Subject Selection SBATs (2).potx

School Based Apprenticeships and Traineeships (SBAT)

Making Good Choices.pptx

Making Good Choices and the Subject Selection Process

Final 2023 Senior Subject Handbook (1).pdf

Subject Selection Information for Year 11, 2023

The booklet, Subject Selection Information for Year 11, 2023, provides a comprehensive overview of HSC subjects on offer at Bulli HS.

2023 Subject Selection Checklist.pdf

Year 11 Subject Selection Checklist

The following checklist can assist you with your subject selection. It is particularly useful when determining a pattern of study that qualifies you for an Australian Tertiary Admission Rank (ATAR).

ATAR or Non-ATAR Flowchart (1).pdf

HSC ~ ATAR or non-ATAR?

The following flowcharts provide an overview of how to gain a Higher School Certificate with an ATAR or non-ATAR.

Recommendation to study Advanced and Extension courses

Students who intend to select English Advanced, Mathematics Advanced or any Extension courses are required to obtain a recommendation from their Year 10 teacher of that subject and the Head Teacher of Mathematics or English. Science teachers will also make a recommendation for some science subjects. Forms can be collected from either the Head Teacher English or Head Teacher Mathematics.

This requirement is in response to a significant number of students in recent years selecting courses in which it has been difficult for them to achieve success. The current procedure is designed to guide students towards the most appropriate courses and, therefore, more successful outcomes.

While extenuating circumstances may override these recommendations, parents and students should carefully consider the recommendation of the teacher and Head Teacher. Students who wish to appeal against the recommendation will need to arrange an interview with Mr Neave to explain the circumstances of their selection.