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L2 Project List

Congratulations to 638 K-12 project teams selected to advance to Level 2. These teams will give their Level 2 presentation to judges live and in person at Central Bank Center/Rupp Arena on April 19, 2023. From these 638 teams, the best-of-the-best will be named 2023 STLP State Champions and represent Kentucky at the International Society for Education Technology Conference in Philadelphia, PA this summer! Click here to view the Level 2 List.

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Elevator Pitch 2.0

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STEP 2: Registration Closed 11/1

Helpful Tips

Level 1 Project Teams can watch this video & get some pointers ahead of their pitch on November 16th.

From understanding what an "elevator pitch" is, to describing the 7 Guided Questions, to locating the STLP logo online, to understanding the what to expect from judges... this video is worth watching as a team.

Be sure to dig into Step 3 and Step 4, too