L1 Projects - Step 1

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The STLP Project Cycle starts with Level i and wraps up at Level 4. For Regionals are focused Level i (preparation to pitch ideas) and Level 1 (sharing your project pitch).

Helpful guides, resources, and the Level 1 Scoring Guide/Rubric judges will reference can all be located withing the newly updated STLP Project Toolkit (see below).

2021-22 STLP Project Toolkit

First stage of the STLP Project Cycle: Level i

Take some time to build your project ideas from the investigation, inspiration, ideation stage to the implementation stage. Level i occurs at the school level and includes opportunities to establish the road map for your project. Your team will be ready to move into Level 1 prep when they can complete the Level i Implementation Statements:

  • Our project is ___________.

  • The problem/challenge it addressed is ____________.

  • We picked it because ____________.

  • The technology we'll use is ____________.